“I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do the day after.” ― Oscar Wilde


Image  Three boys all set for the day ahead, unlike Mum.

My heart broke anew this morning as I left Edward howling in the corner of his day-care while the lovely Rachel tried to comfort him. He had already sat between my legs clinging onto me and when I extricated myself from his grip he crawled after me to the door.  Is there anything that goes against a mother’s instinct as much as walking away when your child is crying for you?  His two beautiful big brothers had said they wanted to help settle him so we had the pressure of getting them to school which helped – otherwise I might still have been there.  I am blessed three times over, so lucky.

I am of course meant to be working but the distractions are many and varied.  Luckily I am not at the kitchen table so I can ignore the dishes, washing, floor sweeping, window cleaning, bed changing, cooking, anything else taking my mind off the job.  I am procrastinating by writing so I can tell myself that’s allowed, building my readership etc.

I love this article by Dom Knight, and love the self-referentiality of reading it.


Image  So grown up.  Life is one long series of changes.

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