When embarking on any kind of change, be it connected to lifestyle, work or relationships, it is important to do your research. Chances are you will be feeling uncertain and full of self-doubt. You might be really scared and resistant to a change that you perhaps don’t want 100% but know is necessary. Even if you have massive self-confidence and trust your own judgement it will help to bolster that through reading about or watching others who may have trodden the same path.

There are myriad resources at our fingertips now. Before even thinking about books, there is enough info on the internet to immerse yourself in wherever your interest lies.

The resources I want to share there focus on two main areas – sobriety and happiness. Just small subjects to tackle then, next world peace! Personally, I have realised that sobriety and happiness are intrinsically linked. For many, alcohol is linked in a different way to happiness – that weekend downtime a marked

Sobriety first. The