Friday Song for the Soul #1

Cinematic Orchestra ‘To Build a Home’

I heard this song today at the beginning and end of a beautiful yoga class, a treat midway through the day. I fell yesterday moving a heavy bookcase and my body is reminding me through an aching shoulder, painful back.  Today I needed to get on the mat and feel nourished with gentle movement. The class delivered, and the bonus was this song which so perfectly suited my mood. Happy Friday.


Friday Song for the Soul #2

Jimmy Fallon, Carly Rae Jepsen & The Roots sing “Call Me Maybe”


I admire anyone who is brave enough to do something for a laugh and not worry about what they look like. I have no doubt that kind of self-confidence is innate in many but there are plenty who have learnt to be in situations they find terrifying. For many too there is the upheaval of mental health to contend with; never quite knowing what the next day might bring.

I dare you to watch this without dancing in your seat and finishing with a huge smile on your face. Enjoy! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Julia xx