Early Morning Part 1


Image  Balmoral Dawn

Apparently I join a long list of illustrious and successful individuals in getting up before the dawn.  Included is Brett Yormack who at 4.30 am is in the office sending out motivational emails and Benjamin Franklin who used to get up at 5am and ask himself ‘What good can I do today?’.  I share the timing with BF but usually lie there sternly saying to myself ‘do not go back to sleep, do not go back to sleep’ when Sam suddenly and violently elbows me in the eye which then gives me the real motivation I need.  From about midnight Sam is usually waiting for this moment when he can kick me out and snuggle down.  BF’s mantra is inspirational isn’t it?  I would just love to be in the position to do any good at all, on any day let alone ever day.  I bumped into a friend yesterday on Mosman’s main drag, both with our children and we ended up laughing at the thought of a trip into a lovely new shop that has opened where she suggested we’d be best advised to proffer our credit cards on entry in order to pay for damages.  Along with the number of people accidentally knee-capped by my boys it’s not so much ‘What good can I do?’ rather I offer up a little hopeful prayer, ‘Please don’t let any of them (children) cause serious law-suit worthy damage today, or suffer any physical trauma more than a grazed knee or a bee sting or enrage a fellow citizen of the lower north shore to such a degree I end up getting an earful accompanied by that look that says ‘you are the most ineffective and hopeless mother I’ve ever clapped eyes on’.  If I can just get them through the day as friends (disagreements about winning or losing don’t, can’t begin to count) and without having to yell so loudly in public that all trading in our local shopping centre comes to an abrupt stop I will have achieved much.  So my fellow early risers can keep their conglomerates ticking over, keep sending out those emails, I’ll just concentrate on motivating myself and quashing the rebellions in my little kingdom.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?  Let me know how you roll in the mornings, over or out and up and at ’em?

We had a fabulous party for Edward on Saturday.  Surrounded by great friends down by the water in the sunshine we all felt very blessed and the added hilarity caused by the sausage rolls travelling there on the roof of the car made us weep with welcome laughter.

edward prosecco  Edward enjoying the Prosecco since I can’t!

edward cake  The Ninjago cake.  Thanks for the green ninja Oli!

My ankle is still sore, it looks like I have tendonitis – caused by doing too much too quickly, typical impatient me.  I am pushing on regardless though I may have to moderate my goal of getting round the course in an hour or less.  And Andrew may need to book a couple of days off work since I may well take to my bed after the run (and the boozy lunch to follow!).

Vital stats

Longest run 36.44 mins – roughly once around the course of the run, give or take a few wrong turns (see last post).  After this I am pretty sure I will make it round, the state I’ll be in by the end doesn’t bear thinking about.  Much Sauv B will be required to dull the pain I fear!

Weight – 64.6 (too much birthday cake)

Money raised – $440, woo hoo!  THANK YOU!

This week I have been

Reading Beneath the Darkening Sky by Majok Tulba.  Brutal but beautifully written with the strongest narration I’ve read for a long time.  Wow.  Read it quickly.

Watching ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ gorgeously filmed and quirky,  sad but uplifting.

Cooking  Nigella’s everyday brownies with Sam – just what you need everyday, a zillion calories per sq inch!

everyday brownies sam cooking brownies


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