What a blether…


I’ve been called a blether as long as I can remember.  It is a particularly Scottish word for chatterbox.  It can mean simply talking a lot and it can also mean talking a lot of nonsense – I have been charged and guilty of both!  I am finally, ecstatically using my love of words to good effect and people have actually paid me to write!  It is amazing and I feel incredibly lucky to have found something I can fit in around my family life.  No matter that I was up at 4am today wrestling with the widgets on this website – words I can handle, widgets I most definitely cannot.  This might soon become apparent when none of my previous followers receive this post and it turns out I’m blethering to myself…

I have changed the name of my blog from ‘Me Without Sauv B’ to the above since I could no longer live with the worry that I was somehow misleading people into believing I’m teetotal.  I set up my blog to support a fundraising effort before I had any idea people would actually want to read what I have to say, though I have to say, words are proving as addictive as the wine that I gave up.

I thought I’d share my first ever words in publication, written twelve long years ago.  I’m going to use this as a hint at future posts that are currently tumbling about in my head; one about nature and mission possum rescue, another about writing and importance of words.  

I’ve been quiet for a few months, unlike me I know, as my life for a time was a whirlwind of pre-school fundraising activity.  We got there in the end after a fairly f… frantic few months (to read my article about the experience click here or see the articles page) and I am happy to be back at the desk wittering away into the ether!

Thanks for reading!




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