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Goodbye Sydney, see you soon!

Goodbye Sydney, see you soon!

Despite all of my planning and Andrew’s househusbandry capabilities, Sam had the last word when, asked by his Kindy teacher whether Daddy could cook he replied straight-faced, “No, not really.  I think we’ll have to eat a lot of McDonalds.” 

However, we are undaunted and between us are all systems go.  Thank you Andrew for giving me this break, I know you will take the best care of our boys.

Check list

2 Kgs Sausages – check

3 tubs of curry – check

24 muffins – check

3 packets of bacon – check

2 dozen eggs – check

Bumper boxes of fish fingers and oven chips – check

Reassurance that they will not starve achieved – check

Fully stocked

Laundry up to date (like this is ever achievable) – check

Schedule written out – oops, leaving boys to remember library bags/sport,I never get it right anyway

Pants (underpants) on four year old (last time in ten days I should think) – check

Daddy-cam, (aka Jingles or Jingle bear bear as the boys call him) set up – check (I wish!)


Tears kept at bay (so far) – check

Presents (book, matchbox car, spud gun, sweeties) put on pillows – check

Last coffee at the Source drunk – check

Watered the sweet peas – check

Knowledge that that boys will have a ball firmly in place – check

Hard ball of anxiety expanding in stomach – check check check

Honestly, you’d think I was going to Outer Mongolia or beginning a life sentence!!  Overthinking is my forte, what can I say.  I will miss my darling boys so so much, it still feels almost unnatural to imagine myself so far from them, however…

Excitement building – check.

My hands are shaking as I sit at my familiar desk (written at home in the main) tapping the familiar keys about to embark on an altogether unfamiliar journey.  Deep breaths.  I will make the most of this trip, seeing my very dearest friends and family, and stay mindful that the absence will strengthen the bond with my most important people of all, my darling sons William, Sam and Edward (or Eggward as many in Mosman have come to know him.)  Stay safe, wherever you are, whatever you do.  I love you. X

boys outside house

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