In search of zen


I am, once again, investing time and energy into living a healthier and happier lifestyle. I’m trying to do this without propping up the local heath food shop where I once spent close to $100 with only some activated almonds, biodynamic organic no added flavour (but animal shaped) biscuits for the boys (who would prefer chocolate fingers) and some spirulina-himalayan-mountain-moss muck that tasted like pondwater. All this contained within the organic hessian bag ($15); a must in order to let everyone know you are becoming healthy. Going next door for a bottle of gin would have been cheaper (and the bags are free).

So this time I am keeping it simple, sticking to real, old-fashioned actual food. Un-activated (rather than de-activated?), seasonal, local where possible (mostly I’m happy to say here in Oz). Finding pleasure in food can be challenging when life feels like a constant merry-go-round of lunch boxes, spag bol and weetabix. Thankfully the boys are getting pretty adventurous and last week gave the thumbs up to silverbeet – and the thumbs down to two sets of muffins and my homemade muesli.

The other major change is to the mental balance, which can be so easily sent out of whack with the craziness of juggling family, work, school commitments, social commitments. Burning the candle at both ends used to feel exhilarating, now it’s just exhausting. To combat this I am re-discovering something from my sixth year days (general studies anyone?).

That something is yoga. I forgive you if you are laughing. One friend almost fell off her picnic rug she laughed so hard when I shared this. I was concerned for her breathing ability. Andrew is enjoying the opportunity for new teasing and the boys regularly sit still when I enter a room and say ‘om’ in a very zen-like way (a side benefit I had not anticipated). I am loving it. Being a good Scot I decided the best value and chance to really check out teachers, styles and philosophies was to sign up for the one month new yogi pass at Yoga Sivana. This is what next weeks schedule looks like:

My Schedule

Day Time Share Class Teacher Web Reschedule Cancel
This week at Yoga Sivana
Wed 11/03/2015 6:30 pm
Foundations / Wellbeing Yoga
Em Cruickshank Yes Cancel
Thu 12/03/2015 9:30 am
Foundations / Wellbeing Yoga
Dagmar Feldmann Yes Cancel
Thu 12/03/2015 6:30 pm
Yoga Flow
Lyndsey Benn Yes Cancel
Sat 14/03/2015 5:00 pm
Yoga Flow
Jo Grooms Yes Cancel
Next week at Yoga Sivana
Sun 15/03/2015 9:30 am
Kath Mair Yes Cancel
Tue 17/03/2015 9:30 am
Mind-Body Hatha
Dagmar Feldmann Yes Cancel
Honestly, I might be a little addicted, it’s definitely my kind of exercise where I’m encouraged to lie down afterwards with a lovely big cushion, blanket and eye pillow, and give in to mindful relaxation. Or at least it was until I signed myself up for yoga flow and found myself wondering if I had stumbled into a parallel universe populated by beings that look like us but who appeared to have no bones. I should have taken the hint when the teacher asked, ‘have you done flow before?’ then patiently listened to me fumbling through my reply of ‘I think so, maybe, I’m not really sure…’ To her eternal credit, she was patient and encouraging even when my tree pose resembled a sapling in a force ten gale.

I have borrowed a little light reading on and around the subject which, when I can just find a moment, will no doubt enhance my practice no end. Now, just to find that moment.

yoga books

And I will fully admit to not being quite there yet – this is me more often than not! I am working on it though, one practice at a time.

shavasana cartoon

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