Self-preservation. Motivation. Determination.


it is what it is

I have written before about the difficulty I have with change. Actually, my difficulty lies more in the prospect of change. When it happens and I have no choice but to adapt I am quite good at it. I like to put my ‘get on with it’ attitude down to the example and advice of my mum, one of the strongest and compassionate women I know.

Life just now is tumultuous. My two closest friends, with whom I shared kids suppers, gossip, glasses of wine and advice have both recently moved away. This is the reality of living in an expat community. We ‘outsiders’ tend to band together but acknowledge that at any point our strong, swiftly made but tenuous bonds will be broken. I dreaded them leaving. Put off numerous tasks as I tried to prepare. Drank far more wine than I ought to have to dull the reality.

But now I’m here and, rather than wallowing and wrapping myself away I am turning outward, facing what might come next. I am taking a long break from reliance on wine, setting foundations down in yoga, healthy choices, compassion towards myself instead.

We all have an image, a reputation. Sometimes they are hard won, the result of dedicated practice towards a chosen goal. Sometimes they are simply the result of non-decision. Of going with the flow of bad habits ingrained for decades. The work begins in choosing the former over the latter. Oftentimes the decision is obvious; to the outside world it might be a ‘finally’ she got there. Other times though the world might not be aware of quite how much of a struggle has gone into committing to the decision in the first place.

How much we share can affect our motivation. And how determined we are can be driven by sticks and carrots. Positive reinforcement is paramount. Enjoying our decision is crucial in order to maintain the new habit.

Through yoga I am meeting inspirational people who I know are going to positively influence my life. I sometimes wonder why I didn’t get here sooner. I make sure to remind myself it’s all a journey. As one of my lovely friends puts it, sometimes a situation “is what it is” and we simply have to embrace the next step on the path. Employing self-preservation, motivation and determination.

I can

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  1. Julia, I enjoyed reading this post and it’s very true. Onwards and upwards and we are blessed to know (and be) strong women who can achieve our goals If we put our mind to it.


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