One month, and counting…


Today is the first day of the hardcore training I am going to have to undertake in order that there will be even the tiniest chance of me making it round the 8K course of the Mothers’ Day Classic on the 12th May.  In order to make the journey a little easier I have decided to forgo booze although today the blind panic that is accompanying this decision is making it seem impossible.  Very unfair that it should start on a Friday and at the beginning of the school hols when the need of that chilled glass of Sauv B becomes even more great.  I’m sure on Monday I will be extraordinarily pleased with myself but today it’s making me grumpy!

I’m not quite sure of the exact reason I decided to sign up for the run, one of my many random spur of the moment decisions.  I should think lots of you are quite incredulous and are wondering what has happened, time for a change of me I suppose!  Since making this snap decision I have heard about a little boy called Darcy Wilson who is 6 and has Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.  I have decided to ‘do it for Darcy’ and I hope that after reading his story and following my progress (which is going to be bloody hard going for me but is fully put in perspective when I think about this brave wee boy) you will all find a few dollars or pounds to give to this incredibly deserving family.  Please have a look at the page ‘Doing it for Darcy’.  It is truly inspirational.

Sponsorship details will follow soon.

Some vital stats from today as a starting point:

My weight – 65.3 kgs (weight loss is going to be incidental but an added bonus I hope)

My time around Balmoral Oval, 0.7K – 4.35 mins (the fact that I can in fact run this distance at all is amazing in itself)

My longest run (as recorded by my snazzy new Garmin watch) – 7 mins 26 seconds – this is not a good sign…

Finally, a fond photo of the last bottle of Sauv B for the foreseeable future!



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