Woo hoo!  It’s 5.20 on Monday morning and I’m feeling very proud of myself having made it through the weekend sustained by only elderflower cordial and peppermint tea.  Thank god for the entertainment from the boys, I’m sure it will be much bloody harder once they resume normal fighting mode, I really don’t know what came over them this weekend!

I am longing for a weekend of lounging but fear those days are well and truly over with the advent of Saturday morning sports (football – soccer for the Aussies reading – for William and rugby for Sam).  Sam bizarrely had two matches last Saturday then a break for three weeks – to give the little blighters time to recover from the shock of watching various fathers run around with flapping and pointing arms getting redder and redder in the face from lack of oxygen due to over-use of the whistle while the boys skipped and hopped all over the place trying to keep out of their way – it was quite hilarious!  I would have taken some pictures (for when Sam is playing for Scotland and pictures of his first ever match will be highly sought after…) but I was distracted by Edward sitting in the buggy being sick – an auspicious beginning all round.

But this Saturday was all about William, with whom I had an interesting conversation on arrival at the ground:

W:  “I have a feeling we’re going to beat the Panthers Mummy.”

J:  “Me too darling.”

W:  “They don’t sound very scary, or very fast.”

J:  “Do you think?  I think a black panther actually is pretty fast.”

W:  “Oh, I was thinking about the pink panther…”

I can’t now speak for laughing.  In the end the Mosman Lightning did in fact beat the slow, friendly Panthers with William scoring the winning goal. This was their First Ever Win, an enormous and hard-won milestone finally reached after 6 months, go Mosman Lightning!

lightning after winningMosman Lightning and mascot/hooligan

I decided to run home from the football ground, a nice almost straight, pretty much flat (and so not too challenging…I hoped) couple of kilometers.  This was put to the boys as a race.  As they were busy stuffing their faces with sausages at the time I had a nice head start and merrily set off.  I think that this method is training is what started Paula Radcliffe off with her interesting sideways head movement – she ran looking over her shoulder every few steps I’m sure.  There’s nothing like knowing you’re about to be overtaken but you just don’t know when to keep you moving.  But at 2.12 kilometers I had to stop as I thought I was going to puke, the dilemma and the pressure were very hard to bear but those of you who will know Mosman will appreciate the shame that vomiting halfway up the highstreet would cause.  Those of you not in Sydney imagine, Wimbledon Village, Stockbridge, the high street inAlderly Edge, Bridge Street in Kelso…..

But I did make it home first and with a sprint finish (from the gate to the front door, about 10 meters) recorded a time of 2.79kms in 21.17, that’s 7.38 mins per km, hmm.

Thanks for reading, I’ll try to be less verbose in future but probably won’t manage so those people who like a short pithy blog can just skip to the end and the vital stats…

Longest run – 7.11 mins (mini improvement)

Fastest 1km – 2.58 (pretty bloody good)

Days without Sauv B – 4 (amaaazing!  and includes other intoxicating liquors eg cooking sherry, meths, dettol)

This weekend I’ve been

Watching- Rise of the Guardians – family movie night on Saturday, isn’t it gorgeous, and Jude Law’s voiceover, mmmm!

Listening to – the Trance soundtrack, brilliant Danny Boyle direction, like the film, very cool.

Reading – less than I’d like to, I’ve just finished Maggie O’Farrell’s latest , Advice for a Heatwave which I loved.  She is the most brilliant Britist (Scottish!) novelist around just now in my opinion, beautiful prose, such well drawn characters.  You find you have sympathy where you intended none.

Cooking – Sunday night eggs, thank you thank you Neil Perry, the most divine easy supper, made this for the second time with some trepidation as the last time I was really hungry and was just at that stage of tiddlyness where anything tastes amazing but it was, thank god, just as good.  Here’s a link

Weekend hurdle cleared!

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