WP_000369  Bugger.

It’s Anzac Day here in Australia which means Andrew is at home.  Thank goodness as I really need to rest my ankle which hasn’t been right since Tuesday after my thrilling personal best run on Monday evening. It’s not as sore as it looks but my trainer (husband) is telling me to rest it so not to aggravate it.  Easier said than done in the middle of the school hols with a birthday party looming.

I feel very emotional about it and keep welling up when I think about the run.  It’s such a dilemma as on the one hand I know I should rest it but at the same time there is no way at the moment I’d manage the whole way around so I really need to train.  I’m so worried I’ve left it too late.  I can’t bear the idea of letting Darcy and everyone who is supporting me down.

I’ll post an update tomorrow and fingers crossed I’ll still manage the 4km practice round the course.



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