Halfway and a birthday.


WP_000394.jpg   Blowing out the sparkler.

Happy Birthday Edward!  Three.  Wow.  I didn’t get a minute yesterday to really think about that but I can’t believe that my little one is three.  Three is when they just begin, slowly slowly to move away.  He begins at day-care for one day a week on Monday which I’m excited about and trying not to think about in equal measures.

No need to think about it just now, there is plenty to keep me busy.  I’ve just written my ‘to do’ list for this morning:

  • make teddy cars
  • make Ninjago spinners (pipecleaners)
  • cook sausage rolls
  • make sandwiches
  • make fairy bread
  • put prizes into bag
  • sort music for games
  • pack bags (sounds tempting)
  • slice beef
  • feed everyone breakfast and self coffee

And this is our casual, small party with close friends.  Bloody hell.  William is desperate to go bowling for his (in three weeks) which we have been saying no to, however….

I have at least made the cake, just ready to be decorated.  I was going for a Ninjago (for those of you not familiar a Lego series about four ninja saving the world) desert scene but it has ended up looking more like the apocalyptic ending from a low budget sci-fi movie.  Perhaps the Lego minifigures and pipecleaners will help?  Still, there are always the homemade sausage rolls to gawp at, looking as they do like bandaged willies!  I think the standard would undoubtedly have been higher in all areas had I had a lovely cold glass of Sauv B on hand.  I can’t remember ever having undertaken a birthday cake without and one year got positively sozzled with Katie which resulted in Iggle Piggle being a rather alarming shade of blue.  Never mind the medal I’ll get for running, a medal for surviving a sons birthday weekend without even a spritzer (what’s the point?) will be much harder earned.

I managed my practice run around the course yesterday which was painful but worth it I think as I now believe I might just make it round on my own instead of relying on grabbing the back of someones shirt and hoping to be pulled. It was also a worthy exercise in map-reading, or rather an affirmation that I can’t.  Andrew and the boys were waiting to cheer me on in at the first corner at the Art Gallery when Sam suddenly spotted me at the far side behind the building having run through the car park and loading bay.  I continued to go wrong, finding myself at the top of a massive flight of steps which I chose to go all the way down before changing my mind…  Anyway, I finally found the boys who had had a lovely time eating ice-cream.

WP_000390.jpg   My view after running 4.57Kms


Image  My practice route.  Compare to the real route here: http://mothersdayclassic.com.au/sites/www.mothersdayclassic.com.au/files/images/wysiwyg/2013%20MDC%20DOM%20course%20map.pdf

I’ve taken up too much of my valuable party organising time, time to get to that list.

Thanks for reading everyone – please follow me via the link to the right – and thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far.  The good news is that though I’m only halfway in time I’m over halfway to my minimum fundraising target!  Help me get there and then past it!  All you need is a credit card, no Australian banking links.  Click on the link to donate to this great cause and a brave brave wee boy.



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